A Decrease in Solar Energy Expenses in UAE Can Increase the Demand

A Decrease in Solar Energy Expenses in UAE Can Increase the Demand

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have good sunshine all year round. Therefore, utility executives have spent a lot on improving different sources of solar energy. As a result, there is a continuous decrease in fees for solar photovoltaic power. In the latest announcement of the UAE capital, there is a reduction of $1.35 for every kWh. This cost could decrease further.

Solar power contributes equally to mid until long-term decarbonization and sustainability efforts of the country. The objectives are following the National Energy Plan of UA for 2050. The goal is to make the contribution higher for clean energy with the overall energy from 25% to 50%. Moreover, the carbon footprint from energy generated is aimed to be lessened by 70%. The expenses expected to be saved is about $190 billion by 2050.

That is why it is expected that industrial and commercial clients will opt for solar power because the expenses of solar power have decreased by 50% for 5 years.

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